Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes school see this as an opportunity to review/revamp the uniform but it is not compulsory. Any change will be decided between the local governing body and the Trust.
Ofsted’s role remains unchanged and it will inspect both the school and the Trust, requiring the same level of reporting and information.
The Trust covers all ‘conversion’ and transfer costs and retains 4% of the total annual funding for the school to maintain its infrastructure. This excludes the Pupil Premium, all of which goes to the school. This 4% covers a range of support for the school, including finance and Health and Safety and support from key Trust personnel to help deliver the school’s improvement plan as well as the quality assurance of other services that the school may wish to continue to buy in from the local authority or elsewhere.
The new national pay policy from September changes the structure for teachers pay but an academy can decide to establish its own. Initially all ALT schools will comply with the national agreements.
Yes. Existing staff will transfer. The transfer is governed by TUPE regulations (as set down in law) which guarantees the employment rights to all staff.
There is an opportunity to review the size and the make-up of the local governing body but it will still include the head, two elected staff governors, two parents and other representatives of the local community who act as Trust appointed governors.
No, this is a decision for the local governing body in consultation with the Trust.

ALT is a highly skilled, not for profit charitable trust committed to supporting schools to help themselves to get to an outstanding Ofsted judgement. They bring together experienced and successful teaching practitioners who share a collective belief in the effectiveness of school improvement, the importance of performance management and the potential of new technology to enhance learning. The Trust has the strong moral purpose of enabling schools to deliver high levels of achievement for ALL pupils. In the Trust, pupils come first – this is their chance and it is our responsibility to make it the best it can be.

The Trust is already working with other Suffolk and Cambridgeshire schools.

There are several legal processes to be undertaken and these normally take about 3 months.
Registration of intent, application/approval from the Secretary of State, Staff TUPE consultation and agreement, funding agreement signed by SoS, lease transfer from the LA and conversion.